Granger Smith played a private show at the Boot Grill
Ryan Sanders, TSM

You couldn't buy a ticket for the Granger Smith show last night at the Boot Grill in Loveland. Only folks who won on K99 were in the audience for our exclusive New From Nashville. They were given a treat. Granger asked the crowd what they wanted to hear and he obliged, including his new single, "Happens Like That".

Granger's alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., even made an appearance and performed a couple of songs. The crowd leaped to their feet after the show for a rousing standing ovation. Then Brian joined Granger in front of the stage to inform Granger that listeners will be hearing a lot more of his new single on K99.

Thanks to Ryan for taking all of these photos.

Watch Granger Smith's new video "Happens Like That" in this YouTube video:

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