Northern Colorado is known as the "Napa Valley of Beers", and while Fort Collins gets most of the attention, another city is jumping into the success.

Weldwerks Brewing, which is located on 8th Avenue in Greeley, has been nominated in USA Today's 10 Best Readers Choice contest for "Best New Brewery". They are included with 20 other breweries across the country and the list was limited to breweries that have opened since 2013.

Weldwerks is the only brewery representing Colorado on the list.

Since the brewery has opened, they have garnered attention from all across the country with the amazing product they have created. Weldwerks Brewing has been awarded with the following in recent years:

  • Silver medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival
  • Highlighted in BeerAdvocate's "33 Best New Breweries of 2015"

Voters have four weeks to place their votes for the candidate of their choice. You can vote once per day during the length of the contest. To place your vote for Weldwerks, you can vote by clicking here.

We recently mentioned Weldwerks Brewing in an article posted earlier this week of the "5 Places in Greeley for Valentines Day Under $50". They made the list as a great location to be able to relax with your significant other with your own food but be able to enjoy a great tasting beer at the same time.

Weldwerks Brewing is home of the Chocolate Achromatic, Coffee Stout, 4 O'Clock Shadow, and many other brews to choose from.

Check out this video of Weldwerks Brewery to take a look at the inside and the fun being had!

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