A lot of college degrees actually are useful in the real world - for example, I studied Music Business at Full Sail University. Now I get to play and talk about music on the radio for a living! However, not everyone is so lucky.

A Florida law grad, who's drowning in so much debt, tried to sell his law degree on Craigslist for $210,000. The post reads:

Genuine Law Degree For Sale - $210000 You read right--I'm selling my law degree! I'd like to get what I paid for it but feel free to make me an offer. This law degree is from a top tier Florida university. Picture available upon request! I'm selling my Juris Doctor because I don't use it and I'm trying to work my way out of debt slavery.This is a great opportunity for someone looking to impress their friends by obtaining a law degree from a top tier law school without having to sit through three years of boring lectures! Anyone with a taste for adventure could even change their name to match the name on the diploma. Please note that the diploma is genuine, however this sale does not include admission to any state bar or a license to practice law.

The degree is from the University of Miami School of Law, ranked #63 by U.S. News. It costs an un-discounted $138,498 to attend the school for 3 years. Nine months after graduation, 68.2% of the class of 2014 was employed in full-time, long-term jobs where bar passage was required.

Would you ever consider trying to sell your degree? What's the weirdest thing you've noticed for sale on Craigslist?

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