Governor Jared Polis asked Coloradans to step up the COVID-19 fight by making 2020 a “summer of no parties.”

Polis pleaded for residents to take more precautions during a Thursday (July 9) press conference. COVID-19 cases increased by more than 400 in each of the past two days.

“In Colorado, we have not yet found a sustainable way of living in this pandemic,” Polis said. “We need adjustments to how we are living. We need to wear masks more and avoid gatherings more.

“This is not about politics or ideology, this is about science.”

Polis specifically urged Coloradans in their teens, 20’s and 30’s to avoid large gatherings.The most recent surge in COVID-19 cases have come from younger age groups.

“Have fun with your friends but in smaller groups,” Polis said. “Get together with four friends, not a party of 80 people.”

Polis also asked restaurants and other businesses to take state laws seriously.

“Treat every customer like they are contagious with Coronavirus,” Polis said.

Last week, Colorado shut down bars just a few weeks after allowing them reopening.

Polis said he is hopeful Colorado will not have to backpedal on other reopenings. He also sees hope in that the state has not seen record surges like those in Arizona and Texas.

“We need to make a little mid-course correction,” Polis said. “This will determine the future of our state.”

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