I've lived in Colorado for going on two years and never had tried the food staple of the state, in my humble opinion: the Rocky Mountain Oyster. Over the years, I had been urged to try these things.

When I lived in Texas for about seven years, there were many opportunities to partake in what they referred to as "Calf Fries", but I immediately turned down any and all opportunities as I have done with the Rocky Mountain Oysters...until now.

I live in Severance, literally five minutes away from arguably the mecca for Rocky Mountain Oysters: Bruce's Bar. I mean, they are famous. It says so right there on the sign out front.

AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM

So on this bright, blue-skied, sun-soaked afternoon, I thought I would drag my morning show partner, Maxx, with me for support and was hoping to get her to try some - but noooo, she wimped out, so it was just me.

Bruce's Bar is literally world-famous. I had been told about how John Elway and many of his old Broncos teammates used to frequent Bruce's back in the day during training camp when it was held in Greeley.

Bruce Ruth, the bar's namesake, basically made the town of Severance. The names that have rolled through the doors and tried these Rocky Mountain Oysters are impressive, to say the least.

People like John Wayne, former president George W. Bush, Rob Zombie, Julia Roberts, all of those great Broncos from the '80s and '90s, and many more have rolled through those doors.

It's just a really cool dive bar with a tremendous history and honestly, I felt that history when I was in there.

Now, Bruce's isn't just Rocky Mountain Oysters, there were several things on the menu that sounded good and I wanted to try, but this day was all about one mission, and that mission was to buck up and finally try these Rocky Mountain Oysters I've heard so much about.

AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM

God, I look tired in that picture, but that's another story for another time. About those "world-famous" rocky mountain oysters - my mission was about to be realized and as soon as they arrived, I was actually really surprised.

When I pictured rocky mountain oysters and what they are - bull testicles - I pictured something deep-fried and round, but these came in strips. Our server enlightened me that due to the size of the balls, the chef slices them and then puts them in the fryer, hence the strips that they are in.


So without further ado, I sunk my teeth into my first rocky mountain oyster and they honestly tasted...really good. The batter was fabulous, but the one thing that I was a bit taken back by was the extreme chewiness of them. Once I got past the first few seconds of that, I was hooked. So good!

After using the provided cocktail sauce, I tried them with some ranch and that was even better. But my favorite dipping sauce for these suckers was Frank's hot sauce, which is what I used when I brought them home.

Speaking of that, I had my 7-year-old try one...and he loved them too. In fact, here's a fun recap of my first rocky mountain oyster experience day.

Got Balls? I Found Mine At Bruce's Bar In Severance

Over the years of living in Texas and here in the great state of Colorado, I've been told about the legend that is a Rocky Mountain Oyster and how I have to try them, I declined all offers...until now.

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