Being a resident of Johnstown, the town of Milliken isn't too far away. That being said, most, if not everyone in Milliken and Johnstown knows about Goobers Ice Cream Shop.

Fantastic flavors can always be found at 901 Broad Street over the past six years. However, Charlie Hamilton, the owner of Goobers known as the ice cream guy, is ready for a change.

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Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

A post from the Goobers Ice Cream Facebook page on Monday let fans of the ice cream shop know that Hamilton is considering selling Goobers Ice Cream. He won't sell Goobers to just anyone though. Hamilton said in the post he doesn't want Goobers to go away. In fact, he would want nothing more than to have someone from the community take over the ice cream shop.

Hamilton encouraged the followers of Goobers Ice Cream to share the post to anyone who has a dream of owning a small business that serves up delicious ice cream to their fellow friends and neighbors.

The news from Goobers Ice Cream was also filled with joyous memories of Hamilton meeting many of the people in the Milliken and Johnstown communities. Goobers Ice Cream is still open for business. So you will still be able to stop by and get your ice cream fix at Goobers in Milliken.

Source: Goobers Ice Cream Facebook


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