Nothing screams warmer weather than a yard full of flowers. The best approach is to make sure that you are combining flowers that have staggering bloom times. Couple a few all season perennials with mid-summer to fall perennials and add some great hardy annuals with various bloom times to create an all-season flower garden that will bring a visual paradise.

Garden iStock
Garden iStock


  • Dianthus: Part sun/sun, up to 3 feet tall and 18 inches wide (max), spring and summer bloom, drought tolerant and attracts birds
  • Rocky Mountain Penstemon: 1-3 foot, Royal blue flower, prefers dry-light-well preserved soils
  • Oxeye Daisy: wide spread flowering plant, best for large yards or meadows
  • Purple Coneflower: 2-5 feet, lavender flowers, showy and easy to grow
  • Liatris: 1-3 feet, purple flower that blooms July, August and September
  • Rocky Mountain Columbine: Colorado State Flower (since 1899), easy to grow, shade or part sun
  • Poppy Mallow: Under 6 inches to 3 foot, fall-spring and summer bloom and drought tolerant


  • Disacia: Great for hanging baskets and containers, 12-18 inches high with a wide range of colors from apricot to red, lilac and white
  • Angelonia: 1-3 feet tall, attracts birds and is low maintenance
  • New Guinea Impatiens: Can be blue, orange, pink, red and white and is a summer and fall bloomer
  • Verbena: Likes the sun, deer resistant and can be a perennial
  • Petunia: Blooms in the spring, summer and fall and fairly weather resistant
  • Zinnia: Summer bloomers, likes many soils and an easy-quick grower
  • Gazania: drought-tolerant, bloom over from spring to fall and prefer sun

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