It's not often that trash makes the news. Then again, it's not often that a business that has been locally-owned for over 50 years announces that they're done.

According to The Coloradoan, Gallegos is now owned by Republic Services, the 2nd largest trash hauler of its kind in America. The three Gallegos brothers who owned the company have decided to retire; good for them.

The sale happened on New Year's Day of 2021 for an undisclosed amount of money.

The news is big, if only for the fact that nearly every building/office/apartment complex you see in Northern Colorado has its trash and recycling handled by Gallegos. They've been great members of the community since operations began back in 1960.

To me, this sale is similar to the news of Schrader's Oil selling to Loaf & Jug in November of 2020. Both enterprises are locally-started and owned companies that have been around for generations which will now be owned by much larger, national firms.

According to The Coloradoan, not much will change, especially for customers. Republic Services will simply take over what Gallegos has in place, with local 'headquarters' remaining at their location on Heath Parkway.

Gallegos Sanitation has sponsored hundreds of charity-oriented events across Northern Colorado for decades. Looking at Republic Service's website, they seem to be community-focused as well, which should make us feel good in that respect.

It's just a matter of time until we see the familiar teal Gallegos dumpsters/trucks/etc. transformed into Republic's blue with the red and white star.

Facebook/Republic Services
Facebook/Republic Services

Get more on the sale from The Coloradoan HERE.

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