FLIGHT on, you stalwart Ram team! Want to see our favorite Colorado State University icon on the tail of an Airbus? No, not Tony Frank's beard (though that would be cool, too). With Frontier's Mascot Mania photo contest, you could.

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Frontier Airlines in Denver will be rewarding one winning organization with 20 round-trip tickets in addition to its mascot scoring a first class seat on the tail wing of a new plane. Every time you vote, you're also entered for your own chance to win a free flight.

Sure, the University of Denver Boone is kind of cute, but we'd rather see some Fort Collins represented on the tail of the new Airbus 320 planes. As of right now, CAM the Ram and the University of Colorado's buffalo are 'shoulder to shoulder' for first place... but CSU is pulling ahead. Let's keep it that way!

Click here to vote for CAM the Ram!

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