If a charcuterie board during the holidays is one of your many traditions, you might want to order your ingredients sooner rather than later in Northern Colorado as one of the most popular places to get meats and cheese in the area will soon be closing for good.

The Fox and the Crow in Fort Collins have announced that after nine years in business, they are closing up the popular meat and cheese shop with this heartfelt note:

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After almost 18 months of operating under new ownership, the 9 year bistro will be closing its doors. We are obviously heartbroken and devastated we have to make this call. Unfortunately our pricing just can't compete with the cost of labor, even after taking increases across the board.


This decision does not come lightly and we have spent a tremendous amout of time and energy evaluting options, ways to change our concept, listing the business for sale, etc. to try to remain open but unfortunatlely we have come to the realization that the fox & the crow will be closing indefinitely on December 31, 2023.


We love our employees and this community who have supported us througout the years. We couldn't have gotten this far without you.

The announcement came via Facebook on Wednesday afternoon. The Fox and The Crow, located at 2601 South Lemay Avenue, has been a staple in Fort Collins for high-quality meats and cheeses as well as a great place to grab a sandwich, soup, or salad.

Those who have gift cards to The Fox and the Crow should use them as soon as possible and before the end of 2023.

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