There was only one way that Taco John's burritos and potato oles could get any better, and that's if I could lazily wake up on a Saturday morning and pop one in the microwave... Well, I'm happy to report that this dream has come true!

Taco John's went to Facebook to announce this their new offer:

Grab some frozen burritos and Potato Olés® on your next Taco John’s run. Enjoy breakfast burritos, combination burritos and Potato Ole’s anytime you want, without leaving your house.

There is a limit of 10 products per customer, but that takes care of breakfast for the day if you're part of a family, or maybe even a whole week if you live with your significant other. Keep in mind, though, if you head over to the fast-food restaurant today, watch out, because I'm already on my way. You'll spot me because I'll be the one drooling the entire time.

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