A Fort Collins engineer embarked on a mission to kill bed bugs seven years ago, now his invention is being put to use during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Lindsey is a Fort Collins resident and engineer who has a vested interest in sanitation. Seven years ago, he decided to invent a machine called the Thermalstrike, which would heat up cloth enough to kill the pesky little creatures. The CDC says that using heat to sanitize N-95 masks is an efficient way to clean them and kill the virus.

Now, Northern Colorado heath care professionals are using the suitcase-sized device as a tool in the fight against COVID-19. Yvonne Myers, health systems director at Columbine Health Systems, told the Coloradoan that they only had one "week's worth if they gave every employee a mask." Myers went on to say that "by using the Thermalstrike, we were able to extend that time."

The Coloradoan is reporting that one mask, good for a single day's use, can be decontaminated with the high heat machine two times. That will give the mask a usability of three days.

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