While most of Saturday was a typical fall day in Colorado, a cold front came into town and brought plenty of snowfall to Northern Colorado to close out the weekend.

Now the Fort Collins area could see negative temperatures on Monday (Oct. 26).

The National Weather Service currently predicts a low of 0 degrees. Monday's wind chill is also expected to dip as low as -7 degrees. Monday's high is forecasted at 18 degrees.

According to AccuWeather data, Fort Collins hasn't seen negative temperatures since it dipped to -5 degrees on Feb. 5, 2020. Sunday was the first time Fort Collins temps had fallen into single digits since April 24.

More snow is also likely to fall before 10 a.m., so be careful on your Monday morning commute. About a half inch or less is expected to fall.

The temperatures and precipitation should aid firefighters battling various fires in Northern Colorado.

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