My kids were at friends house last weekend and came home with over 15 bites each after watching a movie in the backyard. They used repellent. The mosquitoes are really bad and last week the levels for West Nile virus infected mosquitoes went up.

With that, the City of Fort Collins has confirmed they will be spraying for mosquitoes in central and North Fort Collins, starting this weekend, on Sunday, September 8 and again on Wednesday, September 11.

Residents and pets should stay indoors and keep windows closed up to 60 minutes after spraying. If you are worried about pesticides getting on your plants or garden, you should cover them. The fogging trucks are equipped with GPS tracking; to best know when it's coming your way.

Spraying will occur by fogging trucks on both Sunday, Sept. 8 and Wednesday, Sept. 11, weather permitting; it will begin at 8 p.m. each night and end by 2 a.m. the following morning.


Spraying will take place in the areas generally bounded by:

• Douglas Road, Shields Street, Vine Drive and Timberline Road

• Vine Drive, College Avenue, Drake Road and Timberline Road

• Laurel Street/Elizabeth Street, Overland Trail, Drake Road and College Avenue


City of Fort Collins
City of Fort Collins

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