You may not even realize you're guilty of some of these things.

As someone who loves to travel and is still mesmerized by the fact that we can travel by air, I try really hard to not mess with the system. I pride myself on not being stopped at security, boarding only when my zone is called, and being as kind to the flight attendants as possible. These men and women put up with a lot. They are trained in safety and hospitality and somehow find a way to keep a smile on their face. They don't get enough thanks for what they do.

So how do you keep from being that passenger?

Well, Business Insider India is giving us some insight. The publication recently asked flight attendants what behavior is most annoying when it comes to passengers on the aircraft. Nine things rose to the surface as the most taxing.

1. Keeping headphones in during beverage service

2. Not obeying the seat belt light

3. Playing musical chairs with seat assignments

4. Touching flight attendants to get their attention

5. Leaving a huge mess

6. Being impatient about getting rid of trash

7. Not acknowledging flight attendants during a conversation

8. Hitting the call button for no reason

9. Underestimating the important of a flight attendant's job

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