A week with no names to announce and lost lives to honor is a good thing. I would much rather honor our troops as they return home alive though.

Bring Them Home

KIA States Last Week:  0

It seems there is a lull for sure and it's almost an uneasy peace as if Afghanistan almost doesn't matter anymore. This is the longest stretch we have gone in at least 3 years that we haven't lost any troops, not a one. I am thankful for that but I am also worried about unrest in other parts of the world and hope we aren't seeing a mass regrouping for an altercation of some sort with Russia.

I can't even fathom the idea of going to war with Russia after the debt we have amassed with Operation Enduring Freedom. We will never be able to pay for the last 12 years and to think about locking horns with another military powerhouse is scary.

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