My all-time favorite bug has two different names depending on who you ask. Some call them fireflies while others call them lightning bugs. Although fireflies do fly they are not actually a species of fly, but rather, a beetle.


Many have said that they used to see fireflies in parts of Colorado in the past, but no longer get to witness the twinkle of these somewhat magical bugs. It has been a few years since I have seen a firefly in Colorado and I would love to see more of them again in the future. My hope is that it will be possible with the current research that is happening at Broomfield's Butterfly Pavilion.

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The Butterfly Pavilion has made progress when it comes to the research of fireflies in the state of Colorado. In 2021, fireflies from Fort Collins were collected and since then more information on the life cycle of the beetle has been discovered. According to the Daily Camera, The Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield has successfully been able to hatch fireflies in captivity. This is the first time such a feat in the state of Colorado has happened.



Two years of research into finding how often the Colorado species of fireflies eat, the correct moisture, and the right type of substrate was crucial in the hatching efforts. Fransisco Garcia, Entomology Manager at the Butterfly Pavillion, told the Daily Camera that the Colorado species of fireflies take years to progress from an egg to an adult beetle. Once reaching the adult beetle phase, the firefly only lives for approximately two weeks. The short lifespan of the beetle makes it quite a challenge to watch and study them.

To learn more about the Butterfly Pavilion and its mission, visit them in Broomfield, Colorado, or online at

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