With the new school year starting, so many back-to-school trends have made their way onto my Facebook timeline.  Something recent that popped up was how high school kids in Texas are painting their parking lot spaces-- which seemed, to many, like a weird and uncommon thing.

Here's the video explaining more:

Here's the deal: I went to school in Texas, and this is not crazy at all.  Painting your parking spot was a rite of passage for any starting senior at my school and was actually a huge freaking deal.

Picking out your senior parking spot meant, first, paying a fee-- I want to say that it was at least $100.  Not only that, but to get the spot you wanted, we had to wait in line....all night long. 

That's right.  In order to get the best spot in the parking lot, we had to wait in line overnight (most of us camped and played games) because it was that big of a deal for our school.

And when I did finally paint mine, I decided to go with an inside joke between my best friend and I that absolutely no one would understand:

We had a pretty cool spot that no one really understood (which describes my high school experience perfectly), but the best part was having somewhere to pull in every single day-- especially when I was late.

Did you have a painted spot?  Share with us in the comments!

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