A teacher is accused of taping a student to a chair at an Evans middle school. On Thursday, October 18, 2018, the Evans Police Department received a report of potential student mistreatment at Prairie Heights Middle School in Evans. The alleged incident involved a 7th grade student and a teacher.

The Police Department received cell phone video of the alleged incident. In the video, a male student is seen sitting in a chair and a teacher is taping the child to the chair. The tape was wrapped several times around the child’s torso and thighs. The teacher is also seen putting tape on the child’s mouth, which the child immediately removed.

The Police Department has received information suggests that the action taken by the teacher was meant to be punishment for the student.

According to Evans Police Chief Rick Brandt:

We were made aware of a situation where a student was potentially mistreated in the classroom. The school notified one of our officers of the alleged incident and we immediately launched an investigation. The video was alarming and gave us reason to probe the situation further.

The report is under active investigation and no criminal charges have been filed.

Press Conference

Evans Police Chief Rick Brandt will hold a press conference today (Friday, October 19th) at 10:30am at the Evans Community Complex.


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