We are starting to see price hikes in Northern Colorado at various restaurants. Prices on menus are rising, but there is a new charge that is both confusing and infuriating to many who dine out in Fort Collins.

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Have you heard of an employee investment charge? No? We did not either until many Northern Coloradans voiced their frustrations.

New Hidden Charge in Fort Collins


A Fort Collins, Colorado, resident spoke up about seeing an additional charge on their receipt after eating at The Still Whiskey Steaks on North College Avenue.

I was there over the weekend for the first time and noticed this on my bill and I was perplexed. Sounds like they need to pay their employees more instead of putting it on their customers. It annoyed me to the point where I won’t eat there again. - @metro_sesh411


Customers are upset because they are being charged an extra 4%, but they do not understand why. Northern Coloradans have been debating on what the charge is for. Many have said that other restaurants have been putting an employee investment charge on their bills.

Employee Investment Charge Defined


The Takeout says that this charge stems from restaurants trying their best to support their staff. Restaurants may be worried that raised menu prices might hurt business, thus hurting their staff from receiving tips and having job security.

So, a restaurant will tack on an extra charge to help their employees out. This surcharge puts money away for the employees' health care and, in some instances, retirement plans.

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