Some of us like to tempt fate when it comes to eating spicy food. Some are so willing to go the distance, that they may put themselves in a spicy situation all for the glory of being able to say they ate that certain item.

While I like to eat spicy food and have been known to do super hot pepper challenges, I feel like those days are behind me. My body simply cannot handle the stress that comes along with the scorching high Scoville ratings behind some of the food concoctions nowadays.

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However, if you are up for a challenge and want all of the glory that goes along with the spice, there is one place in Colorado you should try... If you dare. These wings are not just ordinary hot wings. The spices that are added to these wings are so hot, you have to sign a waiver just to eat them.

There are two locations where you can attempt the El Jefe Challenge in Denver at Fire on the Mountain. Both Fire on the Mountain locations at Highlands and Washington Park give you the chance to go for it all, but not before you sign a waiver of liability.

Fire on the Mountain's El Jefe Challenge

The El Jefe Challenge at Fire on the Mountain is simple. Eat 15 of the El Jefe wings in 3.5 minutes without utilizing ranch or bleu cheese. In those 3.5 minutes, you are allowed to have one drink that is not milk or alcohol, and one napkin.

If you can successfully accomplish the El Jefe Challenge, you get the glory. Not only that, but you also get Fire on the Mountain merchandise and do not have to pay for the El Jefe Challenge. If you fail, well, you are going to be in pain and you will also be paying $19.99. Win or lose, whatever you do, do not touch your face or eyes immediately after the El Jefe Challenge or you will be in a world of hurt.

To learn more about the El Jefe Challenge, visit

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