Did you feel it on Sunday? Was the group shaking a bit on Sunday morning? If you said yes, you aren't crazy and you aren't feeling something weird from your hangover. There was actually an earthquake in Weld county Sunday morning and it was felt all the way to Boulder according the United States Geological Survey.  The 3.1 magnitude earthquake was reported around 10 a.m. and occurred about 1km NNW of Kersey.

Seismograph instrument recording ground motion during earthquake
Credit: Tomislav Zivkovic/Thinkstock

Residents in Greeley, Lasalle and Evans reported feeling the earthquake. According to William Yeck, a research geophysicist from the National Earthquake Information Center said a similar quake happened in June of 2014 near the most recent earthquake.  In and article in the Coloradan, Yeck was quoted saying "There's a sequence that started in 2014 around June 1," said Yeck. "It was a magnitude 3.2 and some earthquakes afterwards. Those were linked to wastewater injection. This earthquake occurred fairly close to that but we can't say if it's either a natural earthquake or a human caused earthquake."

Did you happen to feel a little shake Sunday morning?

Source: Coloradoan

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