Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux. Photo credit: Wildwood Police
Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux. Photo credit: Wildwood Police

A Florida woman facing DUI charges says police should arrest her dog instead of her.

Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux of Wildwood (near Orlando) fled the scene after crashing her car into an apartment building. When police stopped her, Lamoreaux reeked of booze and acted confused after the accident.

Lamoreaux admitted she'd been behind the wheel, however, she told police her dog was responsible for the accident. She was taken to jail after refusing a sobriety test and resisting arrest.

According to the Huffington Post, it isn't uncommon for pets to get blamed for car crashes. Drivers typically say their dog hit the wheel or jumped on the driver's feet. Cats, turtles, and squirrels in the road are blamed for car accidents, as well.

Considering many people get killed by drunk drivers, there is absolutely no excuse for drunk driving - to blame anyone or anything but yourself is stupid. But what's the best excuse you've used to get out of something, like say, a speeding ticket?

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