I am a huge fan of fried chicken. When that skin has the perfect crisp and the chicken is moist, you know you've done it right. And I think I found the best I have ever had.

Today's restaurant review lands us on Hover Road in Longmont and the Post Chicken and Beer restaurant, which is located right next to the new Village at the Peaks development.

We've always driven past this location when heading down in the direction of Boulder, and always wondered what the food and atmosphere was like. So after returning from Boulder Sunday afternoon, we decided to make a stop there for some early dinner.

It was probably the BEST choice we could've made.

When we first walked in, the decor of the restaurant fit the food that they serve, but it wasn't "too busy" or overwhelming. It was decorated perfectly and was a very comfortable atmosphere where we could also watch the football game no matter where we sat on the inside.

Want to grab a table outside? They have plenty of choices to sit under the stars or the sunshine, plus with a huge fire pit along with cornhole boards, you can easily keep busy while waiting for your food.

That's right. We need to talk about the food. Which was excellent from start to finish!

Credit: Justin Tyler/TSQ

Yes, the food was so good I forgot to take a picture of it when it first came out. I dived in and then realized...I had to snap a pic. Which is why you already see some of my chicken missing. It was that damn good, even at first glance!

If you are a fan of a menu that you don't get lost in, this is the place for you. The Post Chicken and Beer knows what they excel in, and don't offer such an assortment of options that they are masters at none of them.

Chicken is their deal, and the menu reflects that. I ended up ordering the half fried chicken, which consisted of the breast, wing, leg, and thigh. The meal also comes with a cheddar cheese biscuit and one side, which I choose their green chile mac and cheese. PERFECT CHOICE!

The skin was seasoned perfectly, and had the right crisp to it where it essentially melted in my mouth as I ate it. Some restaurants struggle in having the right combination of crispy skin with moist chicken, but that's not a problem at the Post. The chicken had the right combination of moist and crispy, and made me wanting more as I got to the bottom of the plate.

Other items on the menu that grabbed my attention? How do these items sound to you:

  • Honey Chipotle or Dry Rub Chicken Wings (We had these as an appetizer, and they were a home run)
  • Chicken and Waffles (Great portion size with this order!!)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (We didn't order this but it was very tempting. The table next to us had it and it smelt awesome!)

Plus, if you are a big family, they do give you a perfect option with some of their fried chicken box dinners. These come with side dishes and can be the perfect option for any size family!

Oh yeah...and they offer dessert as well. I don't think I need to describe it in words. The picture below will say everything you need to know. Actually, it will tell your stomach everything you need to know.

Post Dessert
Credit: Post Chicken and Beer Facebook Page

Was the Post Chicken and Beer the best fried chicken I have ever had? Definitely near the top, and I go back and forth between them and my Fort Collins favorite, Music City Hot Chicken on South College Avenue. But you can separate it this way...

If you like spicy fried chicken cooked southern style, Music City Hot Chicken is the best.

Want your fried chicken on the mild side with the perfect crisp? Head to the Post.

But when it comes to the Post Chicken and Beer, they receive a full GRADE A rating from me, with 5 chicken wings out of a possible 5!

Check them out today, you won't be disappointed!

Credit: Google
Credit: Google