Do you tend to feel worried or anxious a lot? You are not alone in the state of Colorado. Many of us worry for several reasons. It could be about your children, your job, your pet, and so on.


Colorado is among the top 10 states for people who worry or feel anxious quite a bit. According to Forbes Health, Coloradans ranks third for the most worried state in the United States. The analysis of the 2023 U.S. Census Bureau data shows that over 53 percent of Colorado's residents feel anxious, nervous, or on edge numerous days of the week.

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Anxiety in Colorado

Forbes Health states that experts believe that anxiety is common in the United States in this day in age as we receive so much information daily. If you think about it, that is probably an underlying factor to many of our problems when it comes to things like stress, anxiety, and worry.

A study conducted in 2020 about the digitization of society shows that stress and anxiety related to the increased use of technology can cause demoralization, frustration, information fatigue, loss of motivation, and more.

While Colorado may have ranked third for the most worried state, Oregon and Utah ranked higher. Nearly 56 percent of Utah residents said they felt anxious, stressed, and worried. If you happen to suffer from anxiety, there is good news. Seeking treatment could help alleviate symptoms of anxiety as the disorder is highly treatable.

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