I'm not sure about you, but I think that the modern conveniences of today are making me dumb, ditsy or distracted.


Let me explain what I mean for me. Say you're out at a restaurant, the airport, the bank... you're somewhere that has a public restroom and all devices are different. The toilet does or doesn't flush itself, and sometimes while you're still taking care of business or still trying to put the "toilet protective paper" down. The sink is automatic, a simple design for most, but me, I feel like an air-traffic controller trying to bring in a 747, I move my hands up and down, sideways and if I do actually get water from the faucet its right after I've applied soap and can't get it to work again. Then there is the occasional automatic soap dispenser, although more friendly than it's automatic counterpart the facet, still a pain in my rear. Once you have cleared the runway of automatic devices, it's time to tackle the paper towel dispenser, is it automatic and if it is its usually out of paper towels or they're stuck and you end up violently shaking your hands in the air before wiping them on your pants.

Other grievances include: automatic doors that don't open until your nose is practically touching the glass or open incredibly slowly. One of the worse automatic doors is the one that spins around and you have to jump in without getting cup in half or stuck between two panels or the one that isn't really automatic and you have to keep pushing it to keep spinning around to the other side. And escalators, why is it that the up escalator is always the one that is out of order?

I asked if they make us dumb because I really don't know anymore when I go into a bathroom what is automatic and what is not... I'll be waving my hands back and forth under the faucet and someone else comes up and turns a handle, I'll do the same with the paper towels, I've actually experienced a time when there were three of us strangers standing in front of the paper towels trying to figure out its dispensing protocol. I've personally run into a door that looked automatic, but wasn't. I have had a stare down with a toilet as if asking it if it was gonna flush on its own because I didn't see a handle, most times I force the flush with that little button then if I can get water from the faucet wash my hands extra good. I've stood on an escalator for a moment before realizing it wasn't moving and countless other things that make me feel dumb. Is it modern conveniences or just me?

Help me out, comment below and let me know that I'm not alone or feel free to just tell me I'm dumb, it's okay, I'll blame it on the modern conveniences anyway! :)

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