Can you imagine a world without your smartphone?

There is a really good chance that you are reading this post on your smartphone. In fact, you've probably run most of your daily tasks on your phone today. You've probably used your phone for your alarm, music, news check, weather check, email check and maybe to order your favorites from Starbucks for easy pickup. We do everything on this little device in our hands.

What if that went away?

That day could be approaching sooner than we think. That is, if Apple gets their way. Apple has some new products they're working on that they say will replace the iPhone. The most prominent ones are the "smart glasses." In short, everything you do on your phone will be accessible through a pair of very tech-savvy glasses. In my mind, what was once the screen of your phone will now be the lens in front of your eye.

That's futuristic stuff right there!

Although not all of this has been confirmed by Apple, rumors are that they believe these glasses will replace the iPhone in "roughly a decade." In fact, the first pair is expected to arrive in 2022. They may also be working on a headset that will operate in a similar fashion.

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