A highly contagious and unknown disease has killed 57 wild horses in Colorado according to the Bureau of Land Management. The horses that have died from the unknown disease were located at the Wild Horse Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

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The Bureau of Land Management says that the disease is highly contagious and sometimes fatal. Numerous agencies including local, state, and federal officials are currently investigating the exact cause of death in the 57 horses from the outbreak that started on April 23, 2022.

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The Wild Horse Facility in Canon City, Colorado, is currently under a voluntary quarantine. The quarantine includes 2,550 wild horses. The Bureau of Land Management states that most of the horses impacted by the disease appear to be the group from the West Douglas area that were gathered in the fall of 2021.

Currently, the Bureau of Land Management currently has no further information regarding the horses or the unknown disease outbreak at this time. Additional information will be posted when it becomes available through the Bureau of Land Management website.

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