There are so many parks in the state of Colorado that it would be virtually impossible to visit them all. I like taking a walk at any random park because it gives me something to do and I am outside. When I was a kid, I practically lived at the nearby park and loved every minute of it.


Usually, when you see a park, it has the name of someone prominent in the community, uplifting, or inspiring. There is one Colorado park that has kind of an odd name. To get to this park with a weird name, you will have to take a trip down south to El Paso County, Colorado.

The park location in the town of Monument was named by the town's citizens in July of 1979 after the woman who used to live where the park stands now. The name of the park is called Dirty Woman Creek Park.

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The woman used to own a ranch where the park stands now got the nickname "Dirty Woman" because she allegedly allowed her animals on the ranch to live in her home with her according to the Town of Monument. It is said that soldiers making their way through the area in the 1860s  would pass by the home where the woman lived and witnessed chickens, pigs, goats, cats, and dogs inside of the home.

The Town of Monument also has an excerpt from a book documenting the living conditions of the Dirty Woman's Ranch:

Last night we stopped at what is called ‘Dirty Woman Ranch’ and really it could have no more appropriate name. Minnie and I go into the house and cook meals when we can. As we entered the door of this place the woman was pelting something with a broomstick. A 2 young pig had wandered into the kitchen and got his head fast in a cream jar.

Lucille Lavelett wrote in the book, 'Through The Years at Monument Colorado'.

Today, the Dirty Woman Creek Park stands for all to enjoy at 17575 Mitchell Avenue in Monument, Colorado. To learn more about the Dirty Woman Creek Park, visit

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