Hello, my name is AJ and I love meat. That's why I'm so excited to check out this spot that I came across after searching for places to get some great steaks, and for me, the bigger the better. I mean, how incredible does this look?



And there aren't any places that offer bigger than the Buckhorn Exchange on Osage St in Denver.

I love the Old West and its history, and this place is filled with it. Not only does Buckhorn have a massive amount of different kinds of meat, but it also has some history surrounding it as well. Established back in 1893, Buckhorn Steakhouse is a National Historic Landmark and is Denver's original steakhouse located in the city's oldest neighborhood.

As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by a massive amount of taxidermy - 500 pieces to be exact - mounted on the walls along with about 125 different kinds of guns. I'm not sure if any of them were the ones used to knock off these animals that are mounted on the walls.




As impressive as that is, the celebrity list of people that have dined here is pretty cool as well. Four presidents have been here: Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan, who all dined at the Buckhorn along with the MAN himself, Mr. Garth Brooks.


Some Hollywood legends have also made their way to the Buckhorn including  Bob Hope, Jimmy Cagney, and Charleton Heston.  And men who reached for the stars - astronauts Scott Carpenter and Jack Swigert dined here, as did Roy Rogers, Will Rogers, and Great Britain's Princess Anne.


Okay, that's all cool and fine and dandy, but back to the steak. Buckhorn is home to so many different kinds of meat and cuts of steak, they have their own in-house butcher which is a huge reason why the food is so fresh and delicious.


Buckhorn Steakhouse
Buckhorn Steakhouse


Buckhorn has a wide selection of meats on their menu including their "Big Steak menu" which has everything from steaks that weigh 1.5 lbs to the big daddy of them all, the four-pounder, which just happens to be the largest steak in Colorado.

It is said to be for four-five people, but I think with my competitive spirit, I would try to down it myself.

Even though I've never actually been here to eat yet, I can tell it's going to be delicious for one simple reason: the tablecloths.

Anywhere and everywhere I've been that has those red and white table cloths, whether it's been a BBQ joint, steakhouse, or whatever, the food has always been fantastic. I can't really explain it, but it's just true.

Here's a little more about Buckhorn, a place that is now on top of my "must eat places". The carnivorous appetite is killing me right now.

Check out the menu HERE.


YouTube/Certified Angus Beef Brand


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