Technology advances at such a rapid rate. From the latest Pokemon Go craze to being able to do most anything with your phone.

The most recent technology advancement for Denver residents will have you saying "We are just now getting this?"

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Denver residents can now text 911. All you have to do is set up a profile with all your vital information and sign up to get emergency notifications.

Text-to-911 services are slowly rolling out across the country and has been primarily created for the deaf or hard of hearing community. Certainly, there are several recent events where texting could have been beneficial.

According to the Denver Post, there has been no additional cost to city operations and as of right now no additional staff is needed. The new 911 system will also be able to send out mass notifications through Swift 911.

Swift 911 alerts you to emergency situations like police activity, severe storm warnings, road closures, water problems and evacuations that are happening in your area.

You can sign up and get registered to receive alerts and set up a profile at Denver's 911 Now site.

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