There are some days that are just etched in your brain. I will always remember where I was when Elvis died. I remember where I was when Reagan was shot. I remember where I was when the Challenger exploded and I will always remember 9/11.

I remember it so vividly. It is hard to believe it will be 15 years ago this Sunday, we were just doing our show like any other day. We were joking and playing great music when I got a call from my buddy Rob. He said I just saw on the news a plane hit the World Trade Center. We then started to get what little details there were at the time. We all wondered what could have happened. Little did we know what events were about to unfold. We stood in shock together as a nation.

I remember us staying on the air for hour after hour trying to get all the info out as it came in. This was unlike anything any of us had ever dealt with. We all felt vulnerable that day unlike any other. I can remember the pain but I also remember the unity it brought. We were stronger as a nation then ever before as we faced terror at home for the first time. We became a stronger unit in spite of it all. We were all proud to be Americans and stood together as a unified force. I remember broadcasting the next day to raise money for the Red Cross. We played the National Anthem on the air and I watched as people who were walking to their vehicles stopped and put their hand on their hearts and stood as the anthem played. I get chills thinking about it. It is another reason that anthem and flag mean so much to me. God Bless America. You will never defeat us when we are one and need to be united once again. We find ourselves dividing over issues and forgetting how great we are when we stand together in spite of our differences. We are one nation under God.

The most moving musical moment I can remember is when Alan Jackson performed “Where Were You” for the first time on TV. That will be treasured forever.

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