Beginning this week, residents and visitors throughout Weld County will have another tool to use in an emergency: Text-to-911.

It's being promoted under the theme "Call if You Can, Text if You Can’t".  The Text-to-911 service allows people throughout Weld County to reach 911 by text during an emergency if calling is not an option.

When Text-to-911 is Beneficial

  • Assisting those with hearing disabilities
  • Allowing contact with 911 during a crime when calling might put someone in danger
  • Contacting 911 when signal strength is too weak to place a call.

Text-to-911 is available to anyone who has a phone with text message capability and is using a participating wireless provider. Currently, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon support Text-to-911 in Weld County.

While text messaging does have its benefits, calling 911 should still be the first option considered in an emergency.

Text-to-911 Limitations

If you must text 911, it’s important to know the limitations.

  • No video – Currently, Text-to-911 technology only understands words. No pictures or videos sent will be received.
  • Location – Your location will need to be provided to dispatch to receive help quickly.
  • Messages can be delayed – Text Messages can be delayed by wireless providers causing dispatch to receive messages out of order. This can cause a delay in receiving help.

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