Some airports are more pleasant to travel through than others.

With springtime right around the corner, it feels as though travel is about to pick up again. As we shed our winter coats, we also shed that dreary attitude about getting out into the world. I even find myself looking at my husband and saying, "Let's go somewhere!"

I'm someone who doesn't mind airports. I actually see my time in the airport, waiting for a flight, as a good excuse to splurge on a fancy coffee and read a good book. No distractions, no feelings of guilt because I'm not getting stuff done around the house. Despite my affinity for these travel hubs, I'm willing to say that some airports are superior to others.

Thankfully, I don't have to because J.D. Power already has.

Recently PopSugar took J.D. Power's data and coupled it with that of The Point Guys to give us a list of the Top-Rated Airports in North America. This can come in handy when choosing an airport to travel to and from, but also one that you may be traveling through during a layover. This is a list of the best in efficiency, friendliness, amenities, and more.

The top-rated airports in North America:

1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
2. Salt Lake City International Airport
3. Portland International Airport
4. San Diego International Airport
5. Tampa International Airport
6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport
7. Washington Dulles International Airport
8. Philadelphia International Airport
9. Miami International Airport
10. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
17. Denver International Airport

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