Let's rewind back to the beginning of January. More specifically, the day we bought our car. That was a great day! No better feeling than putting a 17 year old vehicle to pasture and getting a new (to us) ride. The inside still smells like leather, the ride is smooth and the paddle shifters are a fun addition. A few weeks after we signed the paperwork, we began receiving an insane amount of new mail. Most of them you can look at and see they were an advertisement. Annoying but manageable.

Last night, my wife checked the mail for the first time since last Thursday and what was addressed to me was staggering. Only four days mail days have passed and yet more than a dozen of these types of letters were in our mailbox.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

Envelopes upon envelopes over the past few weeks for "vehicle warranties" disguised as what appears to be collection letters with threatening verbiage on them. "FINAL NOTICE", "2nd ATTEMPT", "URGENT RETURN SERVICE REQUIRED REGARDING YOUR VEHICLE". One was even so bold to print in large red letters on the outside of the envelope:

"Your financial livelihood is now at stake & this is your FINAL NOTICE".

I hate to break it to you vehicle warranty advertisers and your deceptive mailings, you are not now or will ever get my business with your shady tactics. Sending threatening looking letters looking like collection or legal documents is insulting. Your tactics peddling your warranties are horrible and to whoever thought this would be a good idea in your marketing department truly sucks.

This day in age, we all have the powerful tool of the internet right at our fingertips. I'll admit, I am looking to get an extended warranty on my vehicle, but you know what? I can get a better, longer warranty for 1/5th of the price you are offering in your crappy letters.

I am halfway tempted when I get the next one with deceptive verbiage on the envelope that has a paid return postage enclosed, taping taping that postage to the top of a box filled with rocks and sawdust... I wonder when they got the package, if they'd finally get the hint that I am tired of their spam mailings.

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