A note from a little girl to her father, found on the floor at Denver International Airport has gone viral.

The Denver Channel reports that Alex Roberts, a traveler who flew into Denver for a conference, found the note. Roberts was in town for a conference when she was walking through the airport and saw a piece of garbage on the ground. She leaned down to pick it up and noticed a child's handwriting. She was surprised to find a heartfelt note from a little girl to her daddy.

The note said this:

Dear, Daddy
In all the things I do, I want to do them just like you. Although right now (I’m) sort of small. Like you I want to be brave and smart, cause I love you, Daddy, with all my heart. When I am older I’ll be so glad if I grow up to be just like you.
Love, Emma


She said this to The Denver Channel after finding the note:

This is the kind of thing that if my kid had written it to me, I would probably have it framed and put it on a desk. I can’t imagine he’d feel differently.”


After finding the note Roberts send out a photo of the note on Twitter with the hashtag #FindEmmasDad.

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