Jenny Harding and Cam The Ram
Photo by Todd Harding

CAM the Ram is celebrating his 61st year as the Colorado State University Mascot. The current CAM is a Rambouillet Ram and the 24th CAM to serve CSU.

I am very proud to say, my wife Jenny and our friend Marci have played a small part in that history. They have been making CAM's game jacket since 2008. They have made five green "jerseys" for CAM over the past seven years, one retro orange "AGGIES" jacket, and one white lab coat. The lab coat even has "Dr, CAM" written on the pocket.

CSU made a really cool YouTube video of CAM through the years. Jenny made a few of the outfits in the video:

Check out Dr. CAM in his lab coat.

Jenny & Marci made a lab coat for CAM when the CSU Vet Teaching Hospital dedicated a new building
Todd Harding, TSM

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