I mean, who wouldn't want free next-day delivery on their soulmate?

Finding "the one" can be tough. I feel that the older you get, the more difficult it is to not only find love, but to just find friends. When you're growing up, there are so many innate social settings you're put in like school, sports, and other activities that can create that friendship spark. You have to seek out those opportunities more as an adult.

Which makes meeting people difficult. This is why people turn to social media, dating apps and websites to help them find live and companionship. Filling out a profile or browsing the "people you may know" feature can open up the door for communication and connection.

Or perhaps you can just use Amazon.

Recently a parody website popped up called AmazonDating.co. Although the entire thing is a joke, it doesn't kind of make you think. We can get just about anything online, so why not select your soulmate and have them delivered to your door.

The site is scary real looking. You can find "hot singles in your area" and even filter them down to the "best sellers" or "Amazon's choice." Some are reasonably priced, some have been marked down, and all of them have been rated. One woman, a 78-year-old named Cora, only has 13 left in stock.

Although super detailed, the "About" section does claim it is all one big joke.

It does make you think though. I think many of us want dating and finding our soulmate to be this easy. But alas, we still have to have conversations to make true connections with others.

What do you think of this?

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