Hundreds of thousands of Colorado residents are enrolled in community college. Forty-one percent of all current undergraduates are attending community college as we speak.

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When I graduated high school, I jumped directly into a four-year university. Although I had a great experience, I regret it.

The reason why is that I did not understand the cost. When I turned 18, I was entirely responsible for myself financially. So I took out student loans and went and lived the college life.

Thinking back, I kick myself because I would've saved so much money if I had gone to community college first. It was the same course, just a lot more money.

There are many great community colleges in Colorado. If you live in Northern Colorado, there is one community college you should consider.

You should consider this college because it was recently ranked one of the top 50 community colleges in the country by Wallethub.

One Community College in Northern Colorado Made the List

Aims Community College, Retro 102.2
Aims Community College, Retro 102.5/TSM

Aimes Community College in Greeley was ranked the 42nd best community college in the entire country.

Regarding career outcomes, Aimes Community College in Greeley has the 84th-best rating for career outcomes.

The career outcome rating is based on factors such as graduation, transfer out rates, and the quality of programs provided at each community college.

Aimes Community College Is Affordable

College can be costly. Although community college is considered a cheaper option, community college can still be expensive.

Aimes Community College is the 121st most affordable community college. This means that the cost and availability of grants and scholarships are equal.

The research also indicates that Aimes invests in its campus, students, and professors.

When it comes to affordability, Aims is one of the best. Aims is one of the most affordable community colleges across all of Colorado.

The average credit hour is $72 compared to $313 at nearby four-year institutions – that's more than 300% savings. - Aims Community College

One More Community College Was On the List

Community College of Aurora was ranked the 204th best Community College. No other community colleges in Colorado were ranked on this list.

You can view the full rankings list HERE.

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