In fact, we recently hooked you up with tickets to this event!

Summertime is upon us! Now, here's the big question, what is the number one event that you cannot miss? With all of the music festivals, fairs, rodeos, etc., it can be really tough to answer that question.

Travel Pulse did though.

They compiled a list of Every State's Best Summer Event in 2019. Looking at events between May and September, they found the ones that attract the biggest crowds and, we're willing to bet, the ones that receive the most love on social media. So what did they choose for Colorado?

The Greeley Stampede.

This event has been around for centuries. It started as a little gathering to honor local potato farmers in the 1800s. Today, the event attracts around 250,000 people each year with a rodeo, cowboy games, concerts, carnival rides, and more. This year the dates are June 26-July 7.

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