Getting to the summit of one 14'er is a great accomplishment. Summiting all 58 is an incredible accomplishment and summiting all 58 (53 official and 5 unofficial) all while suffering from Multiple Sclerosis is downright superhero status and that's exactly what Beth Leleck from Parker is,  a bonafide, real life super hero.

Beth started her quest back in 2008, the year she was diagnosed with MS by scaling to the top of Mt Bierstadt and just wrapped up her final summit a few days ago when she stood (and jumped) atop Mt Evans.

Facebook/Beth Leleck


After being diagnosed with MS, Beth decided that she wasn't just going to sit around and feel sorry for herself, she went out and went big. Not only has she gone big in the sense of her physical accomplishments but she's gone big in her fight against MS by raising over $100,000 during the process for the MS Society.


Here's what Beth told the Denver Channel about the process:

"I started with the easier ones first, and they kept getting harder. And I got more confident," she said. "Three or four years ago, I thought, 'You know, there's only a couple left — I can do this."


Multiple Sclerosis results in nerve damage which disrupts communication between the brain and the body.
MS causes many different symptoms, including vision loss, pain, fatigue, and impaired coordination. The symptoms, severity, and duration can vary from person to person.
Congratulations Beth on all of your incredible accomplishments and best wishes in your continued fight with MS. We're pulling for you and incredibly proud of you!

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