Do you have your vacation plans dialed in for the year? Are you planning a vacation domestically or internationally? Right now might be the time to nail down your plans.

Since we have Denver International Airport in Colorado, residents have many convenient and attainable travel opportunities.

International Traveling From Colorado


I will admit that I have never left the country. In fact, I am currently working on getting my passport as I am writing this.

I have never left the country, but I am excited about the idea of international travel.

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I have plans to go to Mexico later this year with my family. Is Mexico the typical dream vacation for a Colorado Resident? It is not.

Colorado’s Dream Travel Destination


Places to Travel identified which countries and cities every state wants to vacation at the most. Italy happens to be the most desired across the nation, but Colorado residents have other plans.

Coloradans want to travel to Japan more than any other place across the globe. We share that desire with two other states.

Why Coloradans Love Japan


It seems like when anybody goes on an international vacation they either go to Mexico or Europe. When you go to Japan you are truly immersed in an entirely different culture. It seems fun, exciting, and full of adventure.

I plan on visiting Japan at some point in my life.

Coloradans appreciate the beautiful scenery. Japan is full of epic sights whether it is in the city of Tokyo or in more rural areas.

While doing my own research on Japan, I would say the most exciting thing is trying new cuisine that you could not get here in Colorado or the United States.

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