The four-year-old boy was playing with another kid by the Park East Park in Boulder. He then found the needle and began to play with it.

Denver7 reports that when the child's nanny inquired about what he was playing with, the child told the nanny that it was a pH meter.

However, when the child got home, he showed his parents his new toy only for the parents to realize that their son was playing with a needle.

The family took the boy to their pediatrician.

Denver7 reports that the pediatrician noticed the boy was pricked at least two times on his hand.

The four-year old has taken two tests for transmittable diseases and he still has two more to undergo.

This is not the only time people in the community have found needles laying around.

The family's nanny had found a needle just last weekend along the roadway.

The family hopes to inform parents of this issue, and that other parents will teach their kids what needles are.

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