In case you missed it, Northern Colorado has a brand-new professional football team. We have seen a few professional football teams come and go, but the Colorado Spartans are the most exciting of them all.

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About the Colorado Spartans

The Colorado Spartans are a part of the National Arena League. They will be facing off against teams across the entire country.

The Spartans practice at Future Legends Sports Complex in Windsor, Colorado. They truly are a Northern Colorado team. All home games will be played at Blue Arena in Loveland.

We expect a fast-paced and fun atmosphere for the whole family. Have you ever been to an arena football game? They are a ton of fun and you should make it out to a game this season.

The Colorado Spartans have three core qualities that set them apart from other teams. The Spartans say the three traits that make a Spartan are toughness, teamwork, and leadership.

Those are some great qualities. Here is what you can expect at games

We strive to create a family-friendly atmosphere at our games. Where everyone can enjoy the excitement and energy of the sports.

Season Starts in Colorado Sooner Than You'd Think

The preseason for the Colorado Spartans starts in early March. The season will go through June.

Colorado Spartans Have Signed Great Athletes

The Spartans have been announcing new players on their social media and their roster is looking incredibly impressive. The Colorado Spartans have major players from Division One colleges and former NFL players.

I will be attending a bunch of games. If I see you there, I will buy you a hotdog!

A Look Inside Northern Colorado's Blue Arena

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

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