Hey, Rams, let's all give ourselves a round of applause for not getting the clap!

According to Teen Vogue -- yeah, I still read it -- Colorado State University ranked fifth in the entire nation in 'least likely to get a sexually transmitted disease or infection.' Now there's a superlative I never saw in any of my yearbooks, but hey, we'll take it!

Doug Pensinger /Getty Images
Doug Pensinger /Getty Images

Teen Vogue reports this research was conducted by The State of Education regarding sexual health on college campuses, and you can read more about it here.

Our rivals at University of Colorado Boulder did also make the list, ranking number nine in the country. Well, at least we can beat CU at something -- not getting the herp!

Which schools ranked the worst? University of Pennsylvania was the worst, but was in the company of Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University, because sometimes prayer just isn't enough. Use a condom or practice that abstinence thing, right?

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