Horrible Tinder dates and awkward Yik Yak encounters with fellow Rammies are so 2015. So how about making a way for your potential romantic candidates qualify to go on a date with you? If that makes for better dates, then please sign me up.

Lucky for CSU Rams, there's a new dating app coming to town that does just that.

Qualify, created by CU students, is launching at CU and CSU on August 22 and requires users to answer 3 trivia questions in order to unlock other users' photos.

So let's say you're a Game of Thrones fan like co-creator Sean Chenoweth - one of your trivia questions might be, "Who is Jon Snow's father?" This will narrow your choices down to only those who are serious GOT viewers. Or if you're a Bachelor fan like me, you can ask, "Who dumped Ben Higgins?" and no one will answer correctly because guys don't usually watch that show. (No matches for me, I guess!)

"Swiping through Tinder, it gets pretty sleazy," Chenoweth told the Coloradoan. "Our platform empowers daters to ask what's actually important to them, not just what they look for in a photo."

The app will launch at other schools on their given start dates, including CU-Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and University of Northern Colorado.

This sounds too good to be true and honestly, I don't know if people can truly get past outward appearances on dating apps and websites (unfortunately). Tinder has trained us to be overly judgmental and superficial and by now, all the quality people have pretty much given up on dating apps altogether, also leaving other popular platforms like OKCupid (trust me, I know - it's the same 10 people on there). Still, I think Qualify is definitely worth a try (if you're in college, that is - because I'm out of college and am not looking to babysit a Rammie while they try their first beer, no offense).

P.S. Yea they call themselves Rammies on Yik Yak. As someone who was never a CSU Ram, I will never understand. They probably wouldn't wanna date me, anyway. (Wondering why I'm so bitter and judgmental about online dating? Here's why.) 

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