Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist are phenomenal assets for many of us here in Colorado. These online markets allow people to sell their goods to other people in the community.

So the seller gets rid of unwanted things and makes money. The buyer gets secondhand items cheaply. It's a win-win in most situations.

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I use Facebook Marketplace nearly daily. I moved into a new home this year and I am working to build out my garage for woodworking and other projects.

I have found a lot of great deals. Tools are expensive, but with a little bit of work, they do not have to be.

Futurama Vehicle (Or Rocket)  in Colorado


We have found quite possibly one of the most ridiculous, funny, but awesome items ever sold in Colorado on Facebook Marketplace. Take a look.

This Rocket Is Currently The Most Bizarre Item for Sale in Colorado

While looking for great deals on Facebook Marketplace, we found a bizarre "rocket" for sale. This Honda van was transformed into the Planet Express ship from the hit show "Futurama".

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

This Isn't Your Daily Commuter

As mentioned above, this vehicle is not street-legal. However, you could probably make renovations to potentially make it street-legal. Think about it this way: if the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is legal, you could make the Futurama van legal.

It would take a lot of work.

About Futurama, The Inspiration for the Colorado Vehicle

Futurama is an adult cartoon series that first aired in 1999. The show begins with Fry in 1999, who is a pizza delivery driver. Fry falls into a time machine and is transported to the 31st century.

Fry then is assigned to work for an intergalactic delivery company. The show follows his journey with his crew that become family.

Futurama is hilarious and I have watched it since it first aired.

If I had more space around my home I would buy this in a heartbeat. No matter how ridiculous it is.

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