In a recent study, Colorado had the second-highest number of fatalities in the country when it comes to road rage incidents. 

We hear about violent road rage incidents all the time, like the tragic one in Westminster and even more recently Colorado Springs. According to The Denver Post, the Fatal Analysis Reporting System found that one in ten fatal car accidents in 2016 were because of road rage -- meaning, completely preventable. [Read more here]

The Department of Motor Vehicles has shared tips for handling road rage, both yourself and with other drivers, like pulling over to a safe location if you feel something escalating.

The DMV also suggests that you...

Put on soothing music that you like, get into the mentality that you are sharing the road, and nobody's perfect! Keep a good amount of space between yourself and other drivers and refrain from making prolonged eye contact or obscene gestures at other drivers. source:

Drive safely!

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