A Colorado man has had a double lung transplant after months of COVID-19 complications according to KDVR. Andrew Capen, 33, of Thornton successfully had the transplant last week at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Capen has been on life support due to contracting the virus after a trip from Denver to Corpus Christi, Texas. Capen's mother says that he has been on ECMO, which is a machine that operates the heart and lungs since August. Capen's family was told that he would need a double lung transplant in November to survive.

Capen was uninsured at the time of contracting the virus and has been waiting for a transplant hospital to accept. The surgery took place last Saturday in Houston, Texas where the surgeon told his mother it was the hardest lung transplant they have ever done.

Andrew Capen is currently breathing on his own for the first time in months, but he isn't in the clear just yet. Capen will need to stay in Texas for another year for recovery.

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Source: KDVR

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