Colorado is 10th on WalletHub's list for most racially integrated states.

WalletHub measured the gaps between races across 21 key indicators of equality and integration in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Their data set ranges from median annual income to standardized-test scores to voter turnout.

Racial Integration* in Colorado (1=Most Integrated, 25=Avg.)

Note: All of the following comparisons refer to the gaps between whites and blacks, according to the most recent available data:

  • 13th – Median Annual Income Gap
  • 22nd – Labor-Force Participation Rate Gap
  • 6th – Unemployment Rate Gap
  • 17th – Homeownership Rate Gap
  • 7th – Poverty Rate Gap
  • 16th – Gap in % of Adults* with at Least a High School Diploma
  • 23rd – Standardized-Test Scores Gap
  • 1st – Voter-Turnout Gap (2016 Presidential Election)

*“Adults” include the population aged 25 and older.

Source: WalletHub

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